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Chest freezer

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carmen66 Sun 14-Oct-12 08:50:35

Hi, after wanting a chest freezer for the garage for so long I finally went out & bought one yesterday... I spoke to a friend last night who informed me that I should have got a frost free one I'm now thinking about going back for a refund..
Should I get a frost free one? I have also looked at the cabinet type freezers any opinions please feeling a bit confused as to what to buy now it has to be outdoor as well... Thankyou

Osmiornica Sun 14-Oct-12 21:00:17

I have a frost free one .. and it's most definitely in need of defrosing these days but we've had it years. It depends on how often you fancy defrosting it and if you have somewhere to store the stuff whilst you do it.

A cabinet one shouldn't make any difference - I've had one in my garage and it was fine. What you do want to avoid is getting a fridge freezer as the thermostat tends to run via the fridge and if it gets too cold it'll switch off and you end up defrosting the freezer (as I found one one day!).

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