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Can anyone recommend me a cost effective colour printer / scanner

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happyinherts Wed 12-Sep-12 20:32:50

Or should this really be in geek thread....

Anyway I have an Epson printer / scanner which quite frankly was a bad purchase. Every time the black ink runs out you need to change all colour inks. Cost of this is nearly as much as the printer itself, so it's only used for scanning documents.

I really do need a printer in this day and age though, what with print out tickets, son's college homework etc, and I don't want to be fooled into buying something which isn't going to be cost effective like the Epson.

Are wireless printers easy to set up / operate? Anyone bought a printer / scanner that they would recommend with regard to cost of ink and performance.

gigikit Mon 17-Sep-12 17:03:52

Hi Everyone,
AMAZON is now selling the latest Samsung Wirless Colour Laser Printer which REALLY worths to take a look, check the link to find out :

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