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Lightweight induction cookware for RA sufferer

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segillum Tue 11-Sep-12 14:01:17

It's time our elderly hob and oven were replaced and Madam would like an induction hob. This gives us a good excuse to update our even more elderly pots and pans for some which are suitable for induction and also dishwasher-safe. We've been looking at the likes of Circulon and Stellar but Madam has rheumatoid arthritis in her wrists and isn't too keen on the weight of the hard-anodized ranges (we haven't yet found a local stockist of the Circulon Steel Elite items).

Can anyone suggest well-made and long-lasting alternatives? Or is this an area where to some extent one's paying for the name and buying on observed quality and weight is a relatively safe procedure ?

Opinions greatly appreciated.

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