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How long do you think a fridge should last?

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shelsco Thu 30-Aug-12 21:15:57

we bought a beko fridge 3 years ago and after 6 months the handle snapped off. We got it replaced under guarantee and the new handle lasted a year before that too cracked and snapped off. I complained under the sale of goods act that it was not satisfactory quality and they fitted a new handle. Now 2 years later this new handle has cracked and needs replacing. I wrote to comet to complain but they have said they have no obligation to replace it again. Consumer direct told me that it should last longer than 2 years and it sounds faulty but The onus is on me to prove it. How on earth would I do that? Any ideas anyone? I could just leave it but I'm just fed up of buying goods that are obviously not built to last!

toldmywrath Fri 31-Aug-12 19:39:31

Not much help but I don't think you'll get anywhere with this one. Beko have a bad reputation (weren't they the ones involved in the fire outbreaks-or was that the freezer)Sorry to not be much help.

fatbottomedmavis Fri 31-Aug-12 19:49:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

vodkaanddietirnbru Tue 18-Sep-12 18:56:10

our last beko fridge freezer lasted at least 7 or 8 years before we replaced it (it still worked but we wanted a new one). We've never had one with a handle - it is more like a groove along the top or bottom of the doors.

moleskin Sat 20-Oct-12 18:40:29

A fridge should last ages! Mine has been going ten years!

bureni Sat 20-Oct-12 18:47:06

I am surprised a Beko lasted more than a year, dangerous cheap things. The auto defrost models are responsible for several deaths since they go on fire, total rubbish hence the price.

bureni Sat 20-Oct-12 18:50:46

bureni Sat 20-Oct-12 18:54:50

here is a list of dangerous BEKO models...

BikeRunSki Sat 20-Oct-12 19:00:17

Our Bosch is 12 years old. DS pulled the handle off about 2 years ago by swinging on it.

RoxyRobin Sat 20-Oct-12 19:04:10

We had a cheapo Electrolux fridge-freezer which gave up on us last month after 15 years, therefore lasting longer than our previous Bosch.

SundaeGirl Sat 20-Oct-12 19:09:43

'Durability' is section 14 subsection (2B) (e) of the SOGA and as you can see from this thread, a fridges's handle should last more than 2years. Not durable.

Your complaint actually began 6 months in and this is the very same complaint - ie the fridge door opening isn't fit for purpose. Hence the two year thing shouldn't count. Under EU Law you are merely running through your contract options giving them a chance to repair the fridge or now replace the fridge or, now, give you your money back and take the fridge away.

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