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Our new place has blinds on every window - what should I do (strangulation risk)?

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lovepigeon Sat 04-Aug-12 21:39:12

We just moved into a new place (renting) and I want to make it baby safe. I have heard in the news in the last few years quite a few cases of toddlers strangling themselves on the cords from blinds so want to make sure this is not a risk in our house.

The windows come down quite low so if blind was pulled up the cords could easily be reached by a toddler. There are 7 sets of venetian blinds.

Can anyone recommend something good I can buy to make the cords safe somehow? I like to pull the blinds up at least once a day so I can open windows for air so need something that does not require too much fiddling every time you want to adjust the blinds.

As I see it I can either buy new safe blinds for every window but this will be expensive and as we are renting will only be here a couple of years or else get some kind of device to make the blinds safe.

My worry with eg. cleat is what if someone forgets one time to use it and leaves cords dangling?

UniS Sat 04-Aug-12 21:42:48

are you able to "break" the loops, so they are single strings rather than a loop?

also worth checking how much "string " moves during unrolling/ rolling, you may be able to tie the loop much shorter than you think ( thus higher up) and tie the excess string up in a bunch.

HappyCamel Sat 04-Aug-12 21:45:36

Cleats and snip the ends of the loop, you can tie a knot to remake the loop later. The latter would only work with Roman blinds. We have blinds throughout and always use the cleats and tuck the ends on the window sills. Some blinds we never close and their cord are bundled and wrapped in elastic bands.

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