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The best blackout lining for DIY? kids bedroom where to buy?

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rufusnine Sat 04-Aug-12 12:50:24

I bought some from our local market off the roll about 60 inches wide - very heavyweight sort or "rubberised" cotton (beige colour) I then used the self adhesive velcro along the top of window (under the wood that you put curtain rail on) and also on the blackout stuff - HOWEVER the self adhesive aspect of velcro isn't too reliable so I whacked staples out of borrowed from work a staple gun into the wall bit and used a normal stapler on the blackout stuff for extra security. Thats the extent of my DIY skills but it works very well!!

Littleraysofsunshine Fri 03-Aug-12 13:29:17

im looking on Ebay but not sure what one to purchase??

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