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For Ikea from Whirlpool dishwasher...driving me mad!

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nilequeen Thu 22-Sep-11 22:04:06

Hi ladies,

My house is a tip at the very best of times and fecking dishwasher is playing up. Again. (Also today my iron has decided to break down, DD1 puked all over the floor and DD2 crapped all over me...but that's a whole other story)

I switch it on, it starts as normal, but it doesn't stop. It goes on, and on, and on. Making a really loud swishy water noise, like a washing machine. Sometimes it also makes a loud, dull clicking sound. It could go on like this for hours, yet when I open it there's no steam. Either that or after about a minute it stops all together, starts beeping and won't stop.

I've tried fiddling with the water pipe at the bottom of the machine (which has a habit of coming out), checking that the spinny bits are free to spin and changing the filter. Even with an empty dishwasher this still happens. Then it randomly starts working again.

What am I doing wrong? Anybody else got one and had same prob?

Blatherskite Thu 22-Sep-11 22:27:02

Ring the repair men. Whirlpool by IKEA dishwashers are notoriously rubbish and break down regularly - In the past 2 years, I've had the repairmen out to mine 5 or 6 times and am on my 2nd machine.

nilequeen Thu 22-Sep-11 22:50:52

Where do I find a dishwasher repair man?

nilequeen Thu 22-Sep-11 22:54:14

Scrap that last post. Have managed to find an appliance repair service.

Thanks - tbh the idea of getting someone in to look at it, never crossed my mind. Duh. Parents have instilled in me the moto: you must fix it yourself! Wish me luck...

RJRabbit Thu 22-Sep-11 23:04:19

What a coincidence - my Whirlpool from Ikea dishwasher is doing exactly the same thing. I put it on before bed last night, went downstairs this morning and it was still going. What a waste of water / electricity. And the dishes weren't clean either! Can you let me know what the repairman says? If it's expensive, we may as well get a new one sad

RJRabbit Thu 22-Sep-11 23:05:38

Have also got the pipe problem. I wonder if there was a bad batch?

Blatherskite Fri 23-Sep-11 06:53:43

Noooo, it'll be under warranty. Find the book that came with it and ring the number in there. If you can't find the book, give me a shout and I'll find the number in my book for you.

Might as well get it fixed for free rather than paying someone!

Blatherskite Fri 23-Sep-11 06:58:27

Mine has never started washing constantly but....
The flap has fallen off the tablet dispenser,
The guy who came to replace the tablet dispenser flap bent the front panel so badly, the machine started leaking,
The leak was so bad I had to have a new machine,
The clips broke on the back of the top drawer so the drawer came out in your hand whenever you tried to fill the machine,
The motor started making a really loud noise,
The motor had to be replaced - apparently the broken clips had fallen in and shredded it.

I've had it about 2.5 years! hmm

RJRabbit Fri 23-Sep-11 11:54:26

Hmm. I've had mine for two years. Must be the lifespan. I've also got a Hotpoint tumble drier that no longer works. Needless to say, I'm not that impressed with Hotpoint at the moment, but will ring them and give them a chance...

Blatherskite Fri 23-Sep-11 13:10:37

Ooh no. Which? always has Hotpoint at the bottom of it's lists because the longevity and customer service are dire.

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