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Stair Gates... The Off Set & Thin Nightmares!

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SlevinKelevra Tue 09-Aug-11 12:17:06

Since beginning my quest for some über cool Stair Gates… I have become quite disparaged, not just at the range – but oh baby jesus the price!

I have a thin entrance into my kitchen (not comical, you don’t have to turn sideways and breath in etc) but its not a standard doors width by any stretch of the imagination.

Then worse still, my stairs are off set – so that the bottom of the stairs (which is the bottom of an ‘L’ shape doesn’t have a corresponding banister pillar opposite it (its actually one step up)

So my idea was to use Lascal KiddyGuards – as they are fabric – and I can attached one side to the front of the banister pillar (on the step above) and connect it to the side of the banister pillar on the bottom step.

Yes – if taken from an birds-eye-view it would stll be a slightly squiffy line – but it would work… Kind of.

Same can be said for the Kitchen conundrum – as the KiddyGuard is fabric – it doesn’t matter that the gap is quite small.

However, here’s the swift kick to the nads… They are ~£100… EACH!

I cant find any other retractable style stair gates… and a standard ‘pressure fitted’ stair gate wont fit in the kitchen – and wont work on the stairs sad

Worse still – I've just paid for the entire downstairs to be decorated – so drilling holes in my newly glossed banisters would actually make me die a little inside.

Are there any other alternatives?

Anyone have any ingenious ideas?

Eek – Help!

plupervert Tue 09-Aug-11 12:31:34

Have a look at SafeTots for narrow gates, and also use their search for "Y spindles", as these will allow you to set your gate against a newel post or staircase spindle, and give you more options about siting it.

I have had good customer service from them, too.

Hope this helps!

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