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recommendations for excellent air Freshners

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happywheezer Mon 01-Aug-11 18:28:46

I've started to potty train my 3 year old. It's not going well.
I need to find a way, apart from my 3 year old not weeing on the carpet, of making my home smell nice.
A candle is not a good idea with a 3 year old.
A spray just starts us all coughing and then back to square one again.
I don't want my home smelling of febreze- although at the moment it's better than wee.
I opened the window and he tried to climb through it, into the garden thankfully.
Any suggestions?
What do you use?

izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 02-Aug-11 14:35:58

If he's weeing on the carpet try the no back carpet spray. It's a foam that disks in really quickly and takes odour out really well.

izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 02-Aug-11 14:36:17

Sorry should say no vac carpet spray!

happywheezer Tue 02-Aug-11 17:36:32

Thanks a great deal. Just bought some of ebay.

happywheezer Tue 02-Aug-11 17:36:43


izzybizzybuzzybees Tue 02-Aug-11 19:09:37

Just reread my msg and it should have said disappears very well! Glad u got some its great stuff!.x

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