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Tell me about pressure washers

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twinklypearls Sat 23-Jul-11 15:53:58

I need a pressure washer mainly to clean up after my chickens. They poo on my patio Which needs cleaning. I also want to spray down their chicken run area which is quite a big area.

I have been looking at karcher models and am confused at the wide variety . Do o just want one with a basic hose or are the ones with the attachments worth the money?

What do you use yours for ?

MindtheGappp Sat 23-Jul-11 16:04:28

I bought a fairly basic Karcher. I think it was about £70 5+ years ago. It is amazing. Can't believe it took us almost 20 years of marriage before getting one.

This Karcher comes with a simple that cleans in a 1cm band. Therefore, it takes a long time to clean a large area. You have to do it systematically and it is a false economy to rush the job.

I came across a patio cleaner attachment from Aldi/Lidl, for not very much. This takes the jet of water and distributes it into a spinning mechanism. It is good for general dirt and grime.

twinklypearls Sat 23-Jul-11 16:25:41

Thanks, we do have quite a large patio area to the front of the house as well as a smaller area to the back. So maybe it is worth considering. I think the patio attachment is £40 on amazon.

What else do you use yours for.?

MindtheGappp Sat 23-Jul-11 16:29:29

It is great for cleaning down outdoor toys, and barbecues. We can't really use it for the cars as they are too far from the tap. I take my kitchen table and chair outside to clean all the inticate carvings. I have been known to clean my kitchen floor ( the grout between the tile), as it uses a surprisingly small amount of water.

twinklypearls Sat 23-Jul-11 16:41:37

Thanks for the info, I am just trying to work out how much we can justify speding. We could bring our car up to the back of the house if needed.

I have a fully tiled huge ensuite that is all white which is a nightmare to clean, would it work in there?

MindtheGappp Sat 23-Jul-11 17:29:38

If you have a water and power supply nearby, the yes, it will work. As I said, I have used mine in the kitchen, and it works because it uses a small amount of water. You have to have a way of mopping up the water you generate, but an actual string mop should be sufficient.

We discovered a pressure washer relatively late in life, and there is no substitute (iro £100). Five or so years in, I am still fascinated.

We have a massive (IMO) back patio at 7m x 6m and there is no way we could clean it by hand. Even with a pressure washer, it is a two person job, once or twice a year. You need one person, which could be a child, to do the power washing, and another to sweep away the dirty water.

twinklypearls Sat 23-Jul-11 17:46:35

Our front patio is a similar size. My neighbour said that he had seen them on ebay so I may have a peek.

Thanks for taking the time to help. smile

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