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Hand blender or food processor?

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Maisieskates Fri 22-Jul-11 14:37:42

My hand blender has just broke so I'm trying to decide what to replace it with. I need something that can be used to make fairy cakes (no big cakes), sauces, smoothies, chop nuts etc plus I'll be weaning DD in a couple of months so it needs to be suitable for her food too. Ideally I want something that wont take up too much space on the worktop. Any suggestions (or things to steer clear of) much appreciated.

rachelinscotland Thu 28-Jul-11 15:13:15

I love my hand blender for soups (since you don't have to dirty an extra dish - just use straight in the pan) AND couldn't live without my Magimix food processor either. I guess it depends on what you're using it for most, but I need both! grin

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