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Induction hobs

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lolalot Mon 18-Jul-11 09:40:40

We are looking at replacing our halogen hob with an induction one. Can anyone say whether they're any good or any better than halogen? Unfortunately, gas isn't an option.

If you have an induction hob that you like, can you recommend some good pans too?

Thanks lots

Victoria1984 Mon 18-Jul-11 14:51:53

I have one (electrolux) DP wanted it as his mum had one. All I'll say is never again. Its temperamental and I am forever turning it over accidentally.

chenin Mon 18-Jul-11 15:14:43

I have had an induction hob for 3 years now and I couldn't recommend it highly enough. Mine is Neff. Yes, you need new pans... the best way to make sure you get ones suitable for an induction hob is to carry a small magnet round with you. If the magnet sticks on the base of a pan... it is suitable for induction.

Induction is fab for heat control. It can go from fierce boiling to low low simmer in a second. I cook steaks better than I have ever been able to do on gas, it is so easy to keep clean, one wipe with ceramic cleaner and the hob is sparkling. I hate halogen hobs (sorry....), we have a holiday home and halogen there and everything burns and it keeps the heat for so long it is impossible to regulate. You can get the lowest simmer ever on induction but not on halogen.

chenin Mon 18-Jul-11 15:15:58

Meant to say... I bought all my new pans for induction at TK Maxx... huge reductions on pans there.

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