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Tummy tubs - anybody used one?

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Florenceuk Wed 17-Oct-01 16:46:38

These are the little baths that look like a bucket - look very convenient for us as we don't have a lot of space. Has anyone used one?


Pupuce Wed 17-Oct-01 17:45:06

I have and I hated it - so did my SIL... you need both hands to bathe (hold) the baby so you must wash them beforehand and rinse them in the tub... but maybe there is a trick and I didn't get it ! The ony good thing is that they have water up to their neck so they can stay warm. I much prefer the little seats in plastic or towelling that you can put into your everyday bath. At least you have both hands free to play with the baby or wash it !

Emmam Thu 18-Oct-01 08:04:08

I used one and absolutely LOVED IT!!! And so did our son!! It took a bit of getting used to - you have to sort of hold them up under their chins! I did accidently dunk him a couple of times! We used it up to about 4/5 months. He loved being bounced up and down in the warm water and because they are submersed up to the neck they can stay in alot longer. I've got some very sweet pictures of my baby in his 'bucket'! Apparently the baby feels more confident about being in the water because he can feel the sides of the tub with his hands and feet.

I'd say give it a go - what have you got to lose?

Mima Thu 18-Oct-01 09:23:12

I'll second Emmam, my son also LOVED his tummy tub. I just used to hold him under his underarms and bobbed him up and down in the water. We used it for about 4 months. The past two and a half years we have used it as a storage bin for his bath toys, and since we are expecting in December I intend getting it out and using it again. I did at the beginning buy a baby bath but that was a complete and utter waste of money.

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