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Need a new electric oven, recommendations please

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zanz1bar Thu 23-Jun-11 19:07:42

my oven has just died, only 4years old dam it.

It has to be electric only, free standing with hob.
I do a lot of cooking, bake bread so very high temps.

I dream of gas Hobs and agas, but only have an electric option.


ElbowFan Thu 23-Jun-11 19:27:33

I'd say look at a ceramic hob, fan main oven and conventional top oven/grill. I used to have a Creda like this which I only changed to dual fuel (gas hob) a couple of years ago as I do prefer gas. It gave some 12 years service and looked pretty similar to the Cannon Keswick which is available now. My current cooker is the Cannon Henley which is the same thing with a gas hob. Not cheap though! See the reviews:

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