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Wireless TVs

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RottenTiming Thu 16-Jun-11 15:39:58

Has anyone gone for a wireless TV with only a power cable required, everying else (cable TV box, dvd, wii etc) plugs into a separate transmitter box which sends the signals to the TV ?

I think about 2 years ago they were in the shops although very expensive and I thought, that's what we'll have next but now our TV has died and the time has come to replace it I can't find them anywhere. Were they rubbish and discontinued or something ?

I think Sony and Panasonic both made a model of wireless TV but don't seem to any more.

Grateful for any information, wondering if I should specifically post this in Dadsnet too, gadgets being a man thing and all that.

RottenTiming Thu 16-Jun-11 19:09:01

Hopeful bump for the evening crowd

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