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Anyone got a Bosch Combined Washer Dryer?

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Stickwithit Sat 11-Jun-11 12:31:53

I have no space for separates and need a non-white combined washer dryer. I've even signed up to the Which magazine trial to look at their reviews but none of the ones that they suggest come in anything but white (except maybe the Miele ones which are outside my budget).

I am considering the Bosch Exxcel WVD245S3GB Washer Dryer. does anyone have one? Is it any good?

I know I am being silly insisting on a non-white one- but it would stand out terribly in my small but lovely kitchen!!

Thank you!!

Medee Sun 12-Jun-11 12:00:34

I can't comment on that model, but when we bought our house, it came with a Bosch W/D. I barely use the dryer part, as we have good line drying space, but I can never praise Bosch highly enough (we bought both washing machine and dishwasher for our last house from them.) It's going strong with no issues, and we've been here 3 years (not sure how old the actual appliance is.)

{wonders if she has jinxed herself!}

SparkyToo Sat 09-Jul-11 17:42:12

We have a Bosch washer dryer - which is over 10 years old. It has been absolutely fantastic and is still working well.

In that period we have had to replace a couple of parts. On one occasion I thought maybe it wouldn't last much longer (about 4 years ago - but a new part sorted it out!). Anyway I was advised by the Bosch mechanic to hold onto this older model, rather than replace it with a new one, as the newer models don't last as long as the older ones - which I thought was interesting.

ColdHandLou Sun 10-Jul-11 10:56:25

We have the Exxcel model which I'm very pleased with. The capacity isn't huge & I don't use the dryer very much but other than that it's excellent smile

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