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What washing machine for large drum and quick cycle?

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ajandjjmum Mon 23-May-11 08:37:37

Our current machine sounds like it's about to explode, so we need to do something fast!

Liked the sound of the machine that Asda offer, that has a very quick cycle, but the reviews aren't good.

Trying to avoid Miele type costs if I can.

Need large drum, quick cycle options and durability - it gets very heavy use!

Be grateful for any advice/experience.

soggybottomflancase Mon 23-May-11 13:06:55 damn that's less than I paid when I got it, love it so much, daily quick 39 mins!

ajandjjmum Mon 23-May-11 15:16:05

Thank you smile

Koumak Thu 16-Jun-11 10:39:33

I have bought Panasonic NA-168VX2 from JOhn Lewis couple motnhs ago, they have different models on now though
but it is brilliant, i bought it for £450 (on offer then) and got 6 years guarantee from Panasonic for free! it is 1600 spin so best one there is and is 8/9kg wash (sorry cant remember exactly), it also has a quick "sports wash" and 15min and 60min cycles, its brilliant, super quiet too! best one i ever had and it does get used daily, sometimes more than once so really heave user here!

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