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Let's Get Steamy...

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emmaeightynine Wed 12-Jan-11 15:59:27

I never liked ironing. But Corryn(my daughter) is about to start school and I want her to look her best! I'm not sure what sort of iron i should get, I was looking to get a steam generator iron, but first I would like to know if anyone can give any advice or recommendations, thanks.

wishiwereanoctopus Thu 13-Jan-11 10:22:51

When I was in the US I bought a handheld travel steamer (it looks like half of a straightening hair iron) and it worked wonders on my white shirt. Try for household sized ones (they use them in shops, it looks like a vaccuum cleaner) as it requires less effort to set up (no board) and use (no need to press down on anything or turn anything over).

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