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Vax 3 in 1 hoover and carpet cleaner ....... anyone got one

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festiveflashingmammaries Tue 28-Dec-10 18:03:23

Have just ordered this

it was about 100 quid cheaper than the Numatic one that I really wanted ..... has anyone got one? are they any good?

Furball Tue 28-Dec-10 18:21:28

I have one! Never really used it (bought it in an emergency after ds dropped hot chocolate on a brand new carpet) until I bought this attachment and now I never put the thing away.

I put floor cleaner on the floor, use a broom to scrub it around abit then use the hydro dry head to dry the floor (kitchen, utility, Bathroom, wood Lounge and wood hall floors) and they all come up an absolute treat. easy peasy and they look fab.

festiveflashingmammaries Tue 28-Dec-10 18:35:52

thanks furball ..... is it good as a general vacuum too? and powerful? is it easy to maintain?

Furball Tue 28-Dec-10 18:50:35

I never use it as a general vaccumm - but, it probably would be ok I would imagine. I have all the right attachments, just always used me miele. smile

But for hard floors it's tops, as it vaccuums all the crumbs as well as drying it spotless.

Furball Tue 28-Dec-10 18:53:03

huge apologies for all my varied spelling of the word vacuum in that post grin

festiveflashingmammaries Tue 28-Dec-10 18:54:54

I am excited now!!!!

have had various VakkuummZ (lol) over the years but never paid more than 20 quid for one so this is a big treat!

Furball Tue 28-Dec-10 19:38:36

if you have hard floors - get that attachment in my link - well worth 20 quid and chuck out your mop.

festiveflashingmammaries Wed 29-Dec-10 11:26:23

I think it comes with the one I bought anyway

AuldLangMammaries Fri 31-Dec-10 12:11:57

hooray .... arrived today .... it is brill .... I am v proud

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