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family Project

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Sarahcollins1984 Mon 18-Jan-16 17:29:55

My sons school as recently done a family project where families and children work together to compete a project from history or another subject. Its every term my son will bring back a log book with explanation sheet on what to do. I really love this idea, saves them gaming or being stuck in front of the tv, gets us as a family working and gets him learning at the same time, at the moment we're currently building some Iron Age Roundhouses and will create a booklet sheet on information on them.

Very impressed has a parent, he certainly loves crafts and this gets him his educational learning and being fun at the same time.

Is my sons school the only one doing this and if not, whats your thoughts on it?

Lotsa Love


maydancer Sat 12-Mar-16 23:30:06

You are kidding right?

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