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2 full time jobs and homework

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Cookie51 Thu 05-Feb-15 22:39:02

Struggling to fit in meal, homework and bath after we both get in from work, school won't let us have homework on a Friday so we can at least make a start over the weekend. Anyone else come across this issue?

A1Mum Tue 10-Feb-15 20:09:19

We had the same problem. I explained to the Teacher that this was the case and we simply could not fit in homework in the time we had between work ending and bed time. I informed the Teacher I would make sure my child understood the learning required but would not physically sit down and 'do' homework. This way we could verbally do what was required over dinner as a family. It was this or nothing. The teacher was fine with this. Yes it may have been frowned upon but I was fed up being stressed about it. One year on and my child is still doing very well at school with school reports showing no areas of weakness.

I hope this helps.

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