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What is 8 greater than 9?

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Lagoonablue Thu 08-Jan-15 18:17:54

Year 4 maths. I don't understand the question! Can anyone help me?

SoonToBeSix Thu 08-Jan-15 18:18:52


OverAndAbove Thu 08-Jan-15 18:19:02

17. Isn't it just 8 plus 9?

Lagoonablue Thu 08-Jan-15 18:20:07

Thanks but how? Why don't they just ask 8 plus 9?

Isabeller Thu 08-Jan-15 18:22:55

Perhaps they are trying to get them to 'count on'

I agree it's a funny way to ask, sounds like a riddle.

Permanentlyexhausted Thu 08-Jan-15 18:24:18


It's just a way of making them think about addition being expressed in different ways (like you'd find in real life).

Lagoonablue Thu 08-Jan-15 18:27:10

Ok. Seems odd to me. Thanks though.

howtodrainyourflagon Thu 08-Jan-15 18:29:47

17. Crap wording. And I have a maths degree. <gavel>

OverAndAbove Thu 08-Jan-15 18:39:31

There is a lot of this in year 4; they look at all the different ways of expressing number bonds.

dementedpixie Thu 08-Jan-15 18:40:49

Why was 6 afraid of 7? because 7 8 (ate!) 9

53Dragon Thu 08-Jan-15 18:41:47

Why was 6 scared of 7?

Because 7 8 9 grin

53Dragon Thu 08-Jan-15 18:42:42

dementedpixie oh dear is this a case of great minds think alike or fools never differ! grin

dementedpixie Thu 08-Jan-15 18:46:00

Great minds obviously wink

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