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sprout2 Fri 12-Dec-14 09:28:27

I would really appreciate it if someone could recommend private tutors for maths and English for an 11year old in year 7.
I live in Walthamstow, East London.

Many thanks

Lala105 Wed 17-Dec-14 15:40:11

Sorry for hijacking your messageSprout2 but I would like tutor recommendations for Weybridge area. Thanks

emayers Fri 02-Jan-15 14:39:04

I wanted a top quality tutor for my daughter and struggled to find this locally. A friend recommended on-line tutoring. The standard of tutors is exceptional, all graduates from top universities but with an approachable manner. I looked around a bit but I really liked My TutorWeb, but there are others out there if you search. You may want face to face tutoring but if you are happy with on-line they are working well for us.

stupidgirlNo1 Sat 31-Jan-15 11:48:14

I live in East ham.I do tutoring at home.If you can travel,I am happy to tutor.Thanks

Andytutor1 Fri 11-Sep-15 09:02:58

For those living in North Staffordshire, I can recommend a couple of great colleagues.
Or have you tried Tutors-UK (not to be confused with others of a similar name)?

Andytutor1 Fri 11-Sep-15 09:04:39

For North Staffordshire, I can certainly recommend some good tutors.
Have you tried Tutors-UK (not to be confused with others of a similar name)?

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