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Spelling, reading writing a challenge for 6.5 year old DD

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spambolina Mon 10-Nov-14 14:32:30

We have been struggling with our now 6.5 year old DD since recption age to get her interested in learning her words, reading, spelling etc. She loves stories and is a very switched on individual, however she is so reluctant to keep trying with her reading and writing and can not stand it when she might get something wrong- to the point that she calls herself stupid and wont even try as she thinks shell get it wrong. So, after 2 years of trying everything and anything to get her confidence boosted and to encourage her that it really doesnt matter if its wrong as long as she has a go etc etc, we are still struggling. It rrally is like getting blood from a stone. She is now in year 2 and has spelling homework once a week as well as the weekly books to read. It is really painful for everyone involved to try to encourage her to sit still, look at the words, and try to concentrate and practise the words without a hissy fit or some other dramatics, its exhausting and I'm loosing the will to help!
Please any tried and tested inspirational ideas from other mothers with reluctant readers?

icklekid Mon 10-Nov-14 15:03:28

As a teacher I would say look for ways to make it fun. .. writing in glitter/sand with a paintbrush, write letters on stones/bottle tops to order/magnetic letters. Hide words around and run to it when shouted. Some other food ideas here

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