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Sadiasafdar1234 Sat 08-Nov-14 16:29:54

Hi everyone
My DD1 is currently in year 1. With extra reading at home and school her reading has improved a lot. But TBH apart from reading everyday they are not given any set homework except with random sheets every now and then to work on but never seem to get marked. I would like to get purchase some workbooks for her to work on at home and was just wondering which ones other people would recommend. Thank you in advance smile

holeinmyheart Sun 09-Nov-14 11:13:38

If you have an Ipad get the Maths is fun ap. you can go on it everyday for half an hour free. I introduced my friends GSA to it this weekend and he would not get off it. He is in Year one.
It is graded by years and the child can progress as fast or as slow as they want to. Try Khan which is a interactive learning site sponsored by Bill Gates. It is truly wonderful. It gives prizes, has explanatory videos etc.
Graded work books are on sale in Smiths. But unless you think your child is behind at school why would you want to give it more work? How about giving it more fun?

JustRichmal Sun 09-Nov-14 12:59:13

I would second Khan Academy.

There's also nrich for maths and BBC bitesize.

In books, the Letts series of Enchanted English and Mystical Maths are quite fun.

I take the view, the more learning they do the better their ability gets, so I would say it is worth doing some at home.

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