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Advice please. Disorganised with homework - Year 3

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WelshMoth Thu 06-Feb-14 20:28:02

DD has just turned 8 and is in Year 3. She has homework 3 times a week (Reading, Writing, Maths) as well as a daily spelling list. For those with similar aged children, how are your children organising themselves? Do they tackle their work on a regular basis? Do they have days and times set aside for them to get it done?

DD seems so forgetful and will happily colour at the table, write in her diary, play with her younger sister etc but won't actually prioritise her work at all. We are getting to the point of having to sit and actually do it with her. How independent are your children with their homework?

Lots of her friends seem to have packed lives outside of school - commitments to clubs, sports etc, yet DD doesn't yet have these commitments taking up her time and yet she still doesn't seem to consider her responsibility to school.

Am I expecting too much? I'm happy to accept that and relax a bit with your advice.

TheGreatHunt Thu 06-Feb-14 20:29:34

Sit with her to do the work!

notnowbernard Thu 06-Feb-14 20:35:38

'How are your children organising themselves?'


My yr 3 dd2 is incapable of organising herself

Forgets her book, forgets the handout sheets, gets distracted, procrastinates, delays, I could go on

Can do the work - with support and guidance - really well and at times with enthusiasm, however homework simply isn't a priority for her atm. It's not on her radar... Tbh I can see her point. She's 7!

Bit of a shock after a super-efficient and highly capable dd1

mrscog Thu 06-Feb-14 20:44:02

If they're unable to organise themselves to do it then they're too young for homework. The whole point of homework should be to learn self study skills. The only exception to this is reading, which should be part of a family routine anyway. Just leave her to it, writing in a diary and coloring sound like brilliant educational activities anyway.

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