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8 year old's homework is driving me mad - how much time do you spend helping?

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nananoo Mon 11-Mar-13 20:52:52

Hi all

I've just worked out that I probably spend 3 hours a week helping dd with homework. This includes maths, spellings, project work, reading and listening to musical instrument practice.

I only offer help and guidance - I never do the homework! But dd is moderately dyslexic so she needs things explaining more than once!

Just wondering how often everyone else spends helping (a year 4 child)? Would love to hear how much time others spend, and any words of wisdom.

GoingGoingGoth Mon 11-Mar-13 21:19:46

Argh Homework! Every night it's suggested DD goes " oh I'll do that tomorrow!", if she doesn't mess around ha ha it would take less than 30 minutes, however she usually drags it out. So it should normally be between 2 1/2 & 3 hours a week.

She only gets spelling words set each week, but has a list of suggested other tasks which she can do. I try to get her to practice the timetables she's working on, plus a quick run through the spelling, and then it's up to her what else she does.

nananoo Mon 11-Mar-13 22:03:02

Thanks GoingGoingGoth. Looks like our school is a bit over enthusiastic with the homework. Suspected so!

WhereMyMilk Mon 11-Mar-13 22:23:20

We have spelling (10-15/week) to be learnt for a test, and written into a sentence.
Reading-evidence of reading x3 in diary, though DD reads 3-4chapters a night anyway so don't count that.
Then either maths or literacy sheet out on a mon to be in thurs, and thurs to be in mon.
And don't get me started on the bleeding projects...! 5 so far this year! shock and these are the things she does need help with.
And I'm not counting instrument practice in that sad

nananoo Tue 12-Mar-13 08:12:07

Thanks WhereMyMilk. That sounds around the same amount as dd gets. I'm sure others in her class get through the homework a lot quicker, but dds dyslexia means that it takes longer and she is unable to work as independently. For example she would never take herself off to read more than a few pages of a chapter book - and I still have to be there to help her read difficult words and make sure even the easy ones are read the right way round.

Allycw Mon 22-Apr-13 01:46:57

As a Year 4 Teacher, homework is a constant headache for me and every other Teacher I know! It is always a common talking point at Parents Evening and no matter what homework we set, we always upset someone!

In my class, some of my parents do not feel there is enough, some feel there is too much, some parents dont push their children to do it at all so nothing is handed in. On top of that, some parents expect it to be differentiated when it is really meant to consolidate facts or introduce new learning.

Each school will have a homework policy which parents can ask to see and which teachers have to follow. As a guide, our policy states that a year 4 child should spend no-more than 30 minutes each on an English and a Maths homework per week. (This is all very well in theory but of course, you need to take into account children's ability level!)

I find homework is rarely a true reflection of the child's own ability. I know my pupils so well that is always obvious to me when a parent has been heavily involved! Therefore, there is an argument to say, is it worth all the stress?

I would rather my pupils be outdoors getting as much fresh air as possible when they are not at school, or playing board games or reading books. Perhaps a pupil could do little verbal bits of maths or English through conversations with their parents in the car or in the supermarket. That to me would be more valuable.

I know it is exceptionally difficult for busy families to complete homework, especially when the child resists it! I suggest speaking to the Teacher about it. Believe me they want to know your feelings on it and they are not mind readers!

mamaabc Thu 30-May-13 21:27:04

Feel your pain. Have children with SEN so homework requires masses of support and input from me.

It does get better... My 12 year old now, through years of me structuring and teaching her how to approach tasks can now do 50% of homework without my help.

8yr old still needs full support to sit still, let alone do a task! Everything needs to be explained, broken down, read to them etc.

Never do it for them. But will need me to read it, scribe for them, highlight key points etc. Will need me to provide apparatus for maths (cubes, numicon) to help them grasp the concepts.

Always make it clear on work what they've done independently and what I've supported (e.g. They may attempt one sentence, then will dictate and I'll scribe the rest) Have great teachers that understand their ability and understand if it's beyond my child (work differentiated, but teacher understands that sometimes it is still too much) we do as much as we can.

It is timeconsuming , but I do my best to support them. Am lucky that school is not Ott with homework and they appreciate every little effort.

Just doing some reading everyday is a huge undertaking, but progress is being slowly made, so we keep plodding on!

chickensaladagain Thu 30-May-13 21:33:12

Dd yr 4 gets learning log every couple of weeks, a maths sheet every week, spellings to learn every week and that's it

Occasionally she will ask for help with her maths but generally just gets on with it

I can understand if a child has additional needs then they may need more parental input but surely teachers need to know if children are struggling and if you helicopter it could mask a potential issue?

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