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helping dd to read

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Rachog Wed 21-Nov-12 17:14:47

Dd is in reception and every week we get a book to read. For the first couple of days we just read the book, then because she can remember the story I write the words (usually about 6) on pieces of paper and play games with them.

This is going well but I have noticed her struggling. Basically if we spread the words out and I say, find and (or whatever word) she can do it confidently. However, if I hold the papers up and say what is this word? She struggles.

They are the exact same words so I don't know why she can identify them when looking for a specific word but not independently?

Any ideas what I can do to help?

carocaro Wed 21-Nov-12 19:32:29

Nothing, that seems quite a lot every night for reception, I'd back off a bit and just do the reading, you don't want to put her off reading and make it a chore! I don't see the importance of holding up the words if she can read them when on a table and in the book, maybe you are overthinking/doing it?

Rachog Wed 21-Nov-12 20:19:53

Thanks for replying, we were told to practice the words by the teacher because the children can remember the story so it seems like they are reading but in reality they don't recognise the words if that makes sense? I have no idea what I am doing here though sad

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