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118118abacadef Tue 31-Jul-12 03:42:33

I hate kumon so much. This is the point of view of a 14 year old who has to go to kumon forever. Kumon is such a complete waste of time and it is not worth any penny. I will admit it is good until after learning multiplication but after that, the place is a real joke. It is $110 a month. They give a lot of homework and they scold you if you do not complete it. Your parents have to check it every time and it is tedious because they sometimes give you the same homework each time. Just imagine doing all of that homework all over again for no reason. The tutors don't help you and the math that they give you is math that you don't see everyday and I bet you wouldn't need to use it in life. If anyone is reading this please listen to what I'm saying. You will save soo much money by listening to me. DO NOT GO HERE FOR ANY TYPE OF TEST PREP!!!! If you are prepping for the SAT's or PSAT's they will make you start at A level which is addition and subtraction. They don't take any excuses. They are evil people that just steal your money. NEVER TAKE YOUR CHILDREN TO KUMON! THEY WILL HATE THEIR LIFEEEE!!!!!!

ElinElin Sat 06-Oct-12 23:20:11

I did take my dd to kumon for a term. It was very repetitive. I agree that it did not put Maths into practical examples which is so important at an early age. My dd was 5 when I took her. I want her to think that learning is fun but thought she could do with a bit of extra support. Did not work for her or me. She got told off by kumon teacher for not doing something fast enough & I found myself at home acting like some army sergant making sure she did her Maths book in 20 min. I just thought this is. It right this is. It how you are meant to learn. So gave it up. I do thinks with her myself at home get books from whsmiths etc.

ReallyTired Wed 28-Nov-12 22:12:05

118118abacadef I think that your description of Kumon is a little extreme.

You can buy the Kumon workbooks of Amazon for a fiver. I see little point in paying lots of money to attend a centre.

I have to admit that I would put off Kumon as its just death by worksheet. I was also put of by the sad face in the Kumon logo.

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