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Please complain to your school about homework. Lets get rid of it!

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freerangeeggsnookie Thu 12-Apr-12 06:07:46

I would like to appeal to all parents who are fed up with homework and encourage you to email, phone, tweet & post your school to stop it.

Having taught for a number of years in various schools I am sick and tired of the absurd homework we are setting. Here are some facts about homework from Visible Learning by John Hattie (summarising research on homework):

1. Homework makes no visible difference to pupils progress until they are in about year 10 and in high ability groups.
2. Homework does not help pupils learn time management skills.
3. For the homework to be effective the teacher must be actively involved.
4. Anyone who asks a pupil in year 7 and above to make a poster is taking the piss (pet hate, not from VL).

Now this is not to say that pupils shouldn't do any studying at all. If a student is independently studying at home doing extra work that they have requested then this will have a benefit. Also as stated above as pupils get older and are studying complex content it can be essential.

Unfortunately most pupils are snowed in with ridiculous tasks which teachers are forced to set by heads who are terrified of parental complaints. It is these complaints that need to be balanced out. If you are not sure if your childs homework is useful ask them after its marked "What improvements could you have made?". If they cannot answer then they have learned nothing. What was the point of that?! So if you are sick of homework like me please, please, please complain. Nothing would make schools a more happier place!!!!

losingtrust Sat 05-Jan-13 20:25:30

I would prefer to have a guide to the themes for each term and help my dcs look up the information and discuss it with them. Dd's school is very good at this so I can help her learn more about the subjects and help her with any areas of difficulty. Her school does not believe in homework but does ask for general parental support to learn the tasks and themes for the term, to help with reading and to reinforce the maths. They do get spellings which is fine. This is far more useful at primary age. I help a lot with maths and English knowing what they are doing and will take them to exhibitions that are relevant to what they are learning or go to the library to choose a relevant book. At secondary it is different and ds' school sets assignments that involve learning about the subject and doing an assignment. They then do tests so effectively the more outside reading they do the better they will perform. Maths needs to be practised and therefore they need this but as this online, the dcs can do a tutorial first to learn more before they do the work. They have to keep doing it until they pass so need to keep reading if they don't understand. Not much homework is stupid although the art projects do take a lot of time but I personally love helping with these. They have a lot of Mfl though and my ds has been told that he needs to speak to me one day a week for homework in German as I can speak it well. His teacher has told him he will ask me. I thought that was great. He also needs to learn words but he will need these. All in all we probably get a lot of homework that can be done in five minutes or five hours depending on how much the parent wants to help. Good if kids have interested parents particularly at primary not so good for those who aren't but would far rather have this flexibility as some weeks can be busy particularly near the end of term due to shows etc. Their primary did not believe in holiday homework but a lot of parents did continue reading etc.

suzysnowball Mon 14-Jan-13 23:16:45

My niece just gone up to yr7 is having detentions once, twice sometimes three times a week and missing breaks, because she has so much homework and she hasn't done it.
Can a school really enforce detentions like this?

inadreamworld Sat 16-Feb-13 09:25:26

I agree in regard to primary school children. make them work harder AT SCHOOL and get rid of homework. Secondary age is different - at GCSE and A level they obviously need to do revision and assignments at home.

ukjess Sat 09-Mar-13 22:45:41

I used to be a secondary school teacher and have had 3 kids of my own.

I think HW at primary and secondary is really valuable.

Provided its not too much and is manageable.

I have found many kids enjoyed it and were aided by it.

teej09 Sun 15-Sep-13 20:48:26

I am frustrated almost to the point that I want to swear! My daughter has just started Year 3 and has been pushed to do homework once again, being told by the deputy head the end of Year 2 that the new teacher will set homework, otherwise they will have their playtime stopped to do the work if it is not done.

I find it a bloody cheek that a school has that much control and push this ideology onto the children, to the point numerous students anxiety levels were far to high for a group of children of 6/7 years the last school year.

I have written into the school and said that should the work be disproportionate; my daughter gets stressed, I will limit the work proportionately or stop it all together, however, my daughter has told me that they have been threatened again that play will stop if not completed. Work has been given on Friday and it would seem that it was to be completed by Monday -- even more of a cheek when you are given just the weekend to complete!

As anyone else have any comments or suggestions please.

Thank you in advance

MIffy58 Thu 17-Oct-13 12:55:33

I agree - there's no evidence that homework has any benefit in primary schools, and children should have time to just be children. There is a new petiton against it here:

iamaduck Sun 27-Oct-13 20:11:38

my dd has had to stop guides, all her dance, musical theatre and singing lessons because when she gets home from school (between 5.30 and 6pm) she has 2 to 2 and a half hours homework a night. after that she eats dinner, has a shower then goes to bed.

she gets really tired because she is missing out on sleep which means she can't concentrate in lessons. as well as this she has lost loads of her friends from outside of school. it just isn't right!

5kidsnobump Sun 17-Nov-13 14:00:28

I'm so pleased I have read this thread. My kids (yr 2 & 3) bring home a home learning book, and the tasks take literally hours and hours. I went into school last half term to complain and tell her I was not signing the home school agreement, as it included a section about ensuring homework was completed. My kids do loads of other activities outside school, and I would rather them do those sort of things than piles of pointless homework tasks.

I don't feel the homework we get enhances the DC's in any way, and in fact as others have said, just detracts from family time. Very refreshing to hear others are of the same opinion!

HSMMaCM Tue 19-Nov-13 13:17:29

DD is in yr 10 and has very little homework and never any homework in the school holidays. This leaves us time to revise subjects she is unsure of and the teachers happily run extra study classes for half an hour after school, because they don't have tonnes of marking to do.

Idespair Tue 19-Nov-13 13:20:58

My primary aged dc are set useful and brief homework which I discuss with them. I think it's great.

Subtleviper Wed 20-Nov-13 01:19:19

I believe homework causes stress on children and doesn't help them, it just annoys them.

BopsX3 Wed 20-Nov-13 01:33:48

I agree with there being no homework for primary school children.

I have 2 school aged children. One in y3 and one in reception. DS1 (y3) comes home with a reading book and a set of spellings twice a week. He does his spellings at home. Then it's left in his book bag for weeks on end without being marked or probably even looked at. There's spelling sheets in his book bag now that were completed in September.

DS2 (reception) comes home with a reading book, a writing book, a special writing book, a phonics book and flash cards every day! It's ridiculous! The poor boy has only just started doing full days at school and comes home with at least an hour and a halves worth of homework a night. I just don't think there's any need for it what so ever.

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