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What have you done to motivate 12-13 yo to do homework?

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ragged Sat 07-Apr-12 17:31:01

I waver between realistic self-appraisal that I don't have the energy to stand over DS & crack the whip, and worrying that I should try to crack the whip, anyway.
I have tried lots of things over the years to get DS to do homework & they all proved ineffective or faulty. But thought I'd ask again, see if anyone has a novel approach.

mrsshears Sat 07-Apr-12 18:39:10

I'm not sure if it's a novel approach but with my dd who is 14 and likes the nice thing's in life,as do all teens,i talk bang on about how the children who do the homework now drive the nice cars/have the nice holidays later.
It has worked for us so far.

ragged Sat 07-Apr-12 18:55:40

Not a novel approach for me, either, so sadly not effective, but will keep it in the bag of tricks in case it works later (sigh).
Thing is, I did very little homework at the same age & still did very well, in the end, at school & Uni. Not sure it will work out so well for DS, though.

bebanjo Fri 14-Sep-12 13:48:22

also not true, many of the dossers i knew now drive very nice cars and some of the most conscientious work in very low paid blue collar jobs.

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