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Websites about Home Education (consolidated)

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SDeuchars Mon 24-May-10 18:52:29

Creating this new thread, to keep bunping up as and when needed.

Good places to find out about home-based education in the UK are:
- Schoolhouse for information about EHE in Scotland
- Education Otherwise
- Home Education in the UK
- MuddlePuddle for people EHEing under-8s
- Home Education Special Needs is for families of children with SEN.
- Joyfully Rejoycing is a really good site for autonomous living and learning
- AHED is a campaigning organisation.
- Education Otherwise0 gives information about qualifications and results gained by EHE young people.
- Education Otherwise1 offers information, support and networking for home-educating families and listings for self-employed home educators in its Education Otherwise2.

Here are some EHE blogs:
- Education Otherwise3
- Education Otherwise4
- Education Otherwise5

These websites are US-based and are geared towards more structured home education:
- Education Otherwise6 is a complete curriculum.
- Education Otherwise7 provides details of a Charlotte Mason education.

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julienoshoes Tue 05-Jul-11 16:36:56

Ed Yourself is Mumsnetter Fiona Nicholson's page about Home Ed, giving up to date information.

julienoshoes Fri 15-Jul-11 16:22:06

bump for flootshoot

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julienoshoes Wed 11-Jan-12 13:41:27

anticipating the usual peak in January of frantic parents looking for an alternative, I am bumping the 'useful basics' threads.

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julienoshoes Tue 15-May-12 18:25:00

bump for nelehluap

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jetheather Wed 01-Aug-12 20:29:46

Can I add twinkl primary resources as well, great for EYFS and under 8s. I've used some great Olympic resources from there. They have a phonics app too which is great.

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julienoshoes Wed 05-Sep-12 12:23:42

bump for all of the people whose children are unhappy in school right now

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Saraj32 Fri 05-Oct-12 15:22:34

I have just started homeschooling my daughter (I worked as a primary school teacher for 5 years) and some of these links are great for getting in contact with other HE groups and learning about the legal aspects :-)
I'm constantly looking for educational sites, preferably free, that I can use with my daughter and would like to share them with other parents who are home educating.

- Primary Leap This site is free and covers lots of topics including literacy, numeracy, science, geography, history and lots of theme worksheets too.

- Kidszone This site is great for maths worksheets and also provides lesson plans.

- JumpStart This site covers lots of subjects and also has online games.

Those are just some of my favs, hope you like them! smile

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