Mathletics promo code?

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minkah Wed 13-Jan-10 12:44:06

Does anyone have one?

chatterbocs Mon 25-Jan-10 19:54:44

They are offering a yaers subscription to Home edders for £10 per child at the moment. Apparently it's for a limted time only.

minkah Mon 25-Jan-10 22:55:25

oh! Fantastic, thankyou! I will email them about it..

CitizenPrecious Wed 27-Jan-10 16:14:38

minkah- I've just started home edding my 6 year olds and hadn't heard of mathletics- do you know anything about it?- and did you find anything out about the HE discount?

(I did have a look on the website but it only gives a rate of 39 pounds...)

thanks- sorry to pick your brains but am a bit panicky about maths and feel that I should be doing more- but don't want to go down worksheets route- in case they start begging to go back to schoolgrin

minkah Wed 27-Jan-10 16:54:45

I dont know about it yet, CP, I'm trying to get a HE subscription, which is currently £10.

Will report back if I can successfully negotiate the admin of it!

minkah Wed 27-Jan-10 16:56:24

BTW, my son LOVES MathsWhizz - have a look at it - they offer some free lessons as a trial. It has a lot of cartoons /animation and they get to build up points and can buy 'pets'.. very child friendly!

CitizenPrecious Wed 27-Jan-10 17:54:19

thanks very much for that minkah- we'll have a look at mathswhizz.

Good luck with your sub!

FlamingoBingo Fri 29-Jan-10 08:53:16

If you CAT me I'll send you the HEors application form.

minkah Sun 31-Jan-10 15:51:16

Hi, I wrote to them and they did get back to me telling me they have a special rate at the moment for He'ers. And it is a good rate. £39 usually, down to £10. You have to contact them to arrange it. Ds - two days in - LOVES mathletics, so think it is money very well spent!

Thanks very much for the offer FlamingoBingo, I appreciate it.

(I had to phone and pay by card, btw.)

chatterbocs Tue 02-Feb-10 21:10:35

When my son was in high school he really enjoyed it. They can compete against others all over the world by being the quickest person to answer maths questions. Am just considering buying it for my 9 yr old.

minkah Mon 08-Feb-10 12:05:17

Well, it's pretty inexpensive, and my son of almost 12 LOVES it. It also has some lessons in there, though my son hasnt yet started doing them...

Mirras Mon 08-Feb-10 23:09:47

Hi Folks

We have a daughter struggling in Maths since year 4 now in year 5. I contacted Mathletics as recommended and because we are not full time home ed's we got told potilty where to go. The Promo is only for full timers and those willing to lie... Not having the cash for the full fee we are trying to find something else so if folk can find good free resources that would help thoses already struggling to make ends meet all will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. I'm not sure why it is assumed the rest of us have cash to spare. Still that is Mathletics loss I for one won't go back nor continue to push the school to try it, which we had been doing.

GraGra Thu 12-Apr-12 08:07:44

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