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ART gcse?!

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minkah Mon 11-Jan-10 14:43:42

my son, age almost 12 is asking me how he can do Art GCSE, when the time comes. I have used Our friend google and not come up with an answer. I realise that this is all a bit previous, but I'd like to set his mind at rest, if possible. IS it do - able, anyone done it?

I'm wondering if I'd have to liase with a local school if there was an obliging one willing to work with us..

coldtits Mon 11-Jan-10 14:46:01

given the alternative nature of many art teachers, you'll probably be able to persuade one to let your ds sit in on the exam - WARNING - the exams are 10 hours long, done in two 5 hour stints. They are expensive and no matter how good your son is at art it's not a good idea to let him to it at a younger age than 16 because unless he has HUGE maturity levels, he will find it too hard to do one thing for 5 hours two days running.

minkah Sun 17-Jan-10 11:29:57

thanks coldtits!

Bubble99 Mon 18-Jan-10 11:52:01

My HE son is studying towards an art IGCSE (no coursework requirement). He is having private art tuition for two hours a week with a friend/art teacher who is covering the syllabus.

minkah Mon 18-Jan-10 19:26:01

ah! Thanks very much Bubble9. I hadnt thought to look at IGCSE. It looks good.

borrega Sun 26-Jun-11 13:51:14

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

LauraIngallsWilder Tue 28-Jun-11 00:14:04

borrega - forgive me but you are new to mumsnet and have posted this link in three threads - rather odd hmm

The website is very brief and to be frank looks rubbish so not something Id be keen to go with

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