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can you home ed and still work or send child to childminder 2 mornings

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pinkkoala Wed 28-Oct-09 13:11:10

do any home ed parents work part time as well as teaching at home.

are you allowed to send child to childminder for 1 day or two mornings.

anybody know if there are any jobs where you can work from home.

Tinuviel Wed 28-Oct-09 13:32:10

Yes, I do!! I work as a teacher 2 days a week. My OH works compressed hours so his 37 hours are done in 4 rather than 5 days so he covers one day and we have someone come in and look after them every Friday. She is great - does cooking and sewing with them as well as overseeing any bits they haven't finished for the week and she irons the children's clothes! She is a godsend.

There is no reason why your child can't go to a childminder - there is nothing to say what days of the week you have to home educate and no definition of full-time either. You may find that you can fit everything into 4 days anyway. It will depend on how structured/autonomous you are but even with structured home ed, you could set a little work to be done while at the childminder's. It depends on how old your child is as well.

pinkkoala Wed 28-Oct-09 14:08:07

my dd is going to be 5yrs old in dec, i have only recently started home ed but am finding it a struggle as i have always worked up until a yr ago.

i wouldn't mind a little job, say about 10-15hrs a week but not sure what to do, i have always worked for a large credit card company, but feel i want something less pressurised and target based.

i am studying for a c & g in travel and tourism at the mo.

will childminders take children over 5yrs for a full day.

Tinuviel Wed 28-Oct-09 15:02:40

There are some home edders who childmind as well. So yes, it is possible to find a 'home ed friendly' childminder.

musicposy Fri 30-Oct-09 17:22:28

Yes, I teach at home. I teach piano and I tutor a few children in maths. It works really well for us. The only downside is that 3 days a week (I have 3 teaching days, sometimes quite crammed) I don't have the freedom to do stuff with the girls, so I think they sometimes miss out on some great home ed stuff going on. The upside is that, because it's from home, I don't need childcare, though mine are 10 and 13 and more than capable of getting on on their own.

I have a home ed friend who both home educates and is a registered childminder. Most of her mindees are schooled, but she has had home schooled children. She is so brilliant with all her mindees that I am always left thinking that what she does with her schooled mindees in their holidays is probably more educational than school - whilst being great fun! So a good childminder would possibly tick the education box for you too, in an informal way.

Other jobs from home; I know people who take in ironing, do hairdressing, work as herbalists or other alternative healthcare, do avon rounds or host book/ cookware/ beauty parties. I'm guessing you would need training for some of these. If you're really desperate, there's always telephone sales!!!

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