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Taken the plunge to HE

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atworknotworking Thu 15-Oct-09 12:09:09

Hi have been a MNetter for a while usually on CM /Nurseries as I am a CM, I have been dissolusioned with the school system for some time and have finally got fed up with all of the niggling problems our DD has at school, bullying, no help where she needs it etc, so after some thinking DH and I have decided to HE. We've talked to DD about it before and she seems keen as she has got to the stage where she is not eating, becoming withdrawn, crying in her sleep etc and her school work is going downhill.

The final straw for me was at school drop this am when a boy pushed a girl onto the floor, grabbed her hair and dragged her accross the floor, needless to say her face was a real mess. I walked home wondering why I am subjecting DD to an environment where these situations are a regular occurence.

What I want is to see my DD smile and enjoy her work, she loves learning and spends hours doing research into history, science etc she is top of year for most subjects and achieves well (apart from maths) I know she is mature enough to stick to a routine and work hard with guidance, but was wondering how others parents found the transition and how their DC's handled it. We would also like her to meet with other children of a similar age so she makes other friends or perhaps a penpal etc.

Your thoughts and suggestions would be much appreciated. Off to write the letter now to take her off roll, wish me luck.

ommmward Thu 15-Oct-09 15:13:40

just wanted to say how exciting!!!!

only suggestion - that you should take at least three weeks just to enjoy being at home and out and about without feeling any pressure whatever to do any "work" :-)

atworknotworking Thu 15-Oct-09 18:53:15

Thanks ommmward I think DD would like that suggestion grin

Going to tell her our decision now.

sarah293 Thu 15-Oct-09 18:55:29

Message withdrawn

FlamingoBingo Thu 15-Oct-09 19:30:13

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it. Spend as much time as possible with other HEors, either IRL or online or both smile

atworknotworking Thu 15-Oct-09 21:18:01

Thanks for your good wishes and advice just told DD, the smile says it all, she's doing a timetable for what she wants to do each week.

I've been trying to find some HEers locally so she can get together, I think a pen pal would be nice to so she doesn't feel to alone do any of your children have a pen pal? should I do a wanted add lol.

FlamingoBingo Thu 15-Oct-09 22:21:30

I have a feeling that if you join education otherwise there's a way for HEKs to get in touch. I think the same with ThenUK too. I'm not a member of any HE organisation, but found email pals through the Early Years HE yahoo list (not sure how old your DD is).

ommmward Thu 15-Oct-09 23:49:41

I'd join the ThenUK list and ask if anyone knows people locally. THey are here They are really friendly.

If your daughter is not too old for you to feel uncomfortable posting there, the early years yahoo group is lovely too. here

sarah293 Fri 16-Oct-09 08:01:40

Message withdrawn

FlamingoBingo Fri 16-Oct-09 08:04:17

ommmward - join me on the UP list in AIBU please!

atworknotworking Fri 16-Oct-09 08:08:16

Thanks all, DD is 9 but quite old IYSWIM, thinks a lot hmm. We are in Co Durham.

She decided to go in today for a last day, she has two friends in the year above so she wants to give them a note with her phone number on, she slept last night and was up at 6am, doing some work on Tudor Britain,thats what she wants to do for her first HE work. I know I have made the right decision, she is so calm, no whinging, stress and hasn't said she has a headache, legache, tummyache etc

It feels like the start of a new beginning for all of us, will still have to be at the school everyday as I am a CM and have mindees from their but DD can stay with DH if she doesn't want to come with me.

streakybacon Fri 16-Oct-09 08:47:21

Have you joined the local HE group around Durham/Tyne and Wear? There are some lovely families around!

atworknotworking Fri 16-Oct-09 09:04:58

Have been looking for for them do you know what the site is called?

ommmward Fri 16-Oct-09 13:45:50

don't know the address of the Durham groups, but I have good friends who HE close to Durham (two different families, one younger than yours and one with about 45 children aged about 12 downwards). If you CAT me I can get you in touch with them

bubpee Fri 16-Oct-09 22:48:46

very brave and good decision. Thinking about it with my little one she is 4 due to start next year and have been looking at schools ... anyone do flexi education, home and school?

Hope your daughter gets on ok, sure she will really thrive in a HE environment, really admire you. Was school ok with decision?

Tinuviel Sat 17-Oct-09 03:06:26

Hi, I'm new to Mumsnet but not to HE! I am in County Durham too, atworknotworking, so feel free to get in touch.

bubpee, we flexi-schooled our eldest for 2 years before taking him out completely. Reception wasn't bad but year 1 was awful. Teacher was not supportive, nor was the new headteacher. What I found was that they didn't liaise particularly well but it wasn't a good school TBH, so it might work better in other schools.

We now home ed all three of our DC - the younger two have never been to school.

atworknotworking Sat 17-Oct-09 19:33:23

ommmward sent you a cat, thanks!

bubpee I am sending a letter to the school on Monday, I didn't want to send one on Friday as I new the school would ask DD about it and didn't want her to be under any added pressure, she bounced in to school on Friday knowing it was her last day, and has been bouncing around ever since I feel quite sad now that I realise just how miserable she must have been.

Tinuviel hi can't cat you but you could msn me if you like it's

streakybacon Sun 18-Oct-09 07:06:14

atworknotworking - sorry have not replied, have had a horrid couple of days sad.

Email me at and I'll give links to the HE Yahoo groups in the area.

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