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chatterbocs Sun 11-Oct-09 23:34:34

Hi I have received another letter for a convienient time to visit us. They are also requesting that we have work ready to show. I know at the moment we don't have to allow the visit. But is it true that the new propoasals will be pushed through by as early as next month & if it is, will it be a legal requirement to show them anything then?

ommmward Mon 12-Oct-09 10:02:25

No it is NOT true that the proposals will be pushed through as early as next month. The current consultation has to finish, the select committee have to report on the report, legislation has to be put through parliament. So there is still a long way to go. I'd say we're all on ternterhooks - home edders and the DCSF people behind the plans - about whether they'll manage to get it through before May. Because once the conservatives are in, assuming the country doesn't plump for another 5 years of glorious Gordon, then all bets are off. Noone knows whether they'd do it.

As for work: we currently have a big 10p sainsbury's bad on the back of the kitchen door. If anyone does something that ends up looking like an educational product in any way, it goes in there. My plan at present is that, if we have to submit a plan for a year to say what we'll be doing, my plan will, astonishingly, almost exactly match what currently resides in that bag... and during the following year, I'd be collecting fodder for the next year.

chatterbocs Mon 12-Oct-09 12:21:12

I am sure that I read somewhere (don't ask me where) that the recommendations have been accepted in full & could be in place as early as next month?

But they can't be in place as early as next month. The existing position is based on legislation as interpreted by the courts so in order to change it more legislation would need to be put through and that just can't be done that quickly (I think the requirements for deregistration could be tinkered with more easily, as those are just in Regulations rather than an actual Act, but I'm not sure and those aren't relevant to you anyway).

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for the Tories, though. My MP was a bit noncommittal when I wrote to her but didn't sound exactly enthused about the whole thing.

(Am not a home edder, just an interested bystander)

lolapoppins Mon 12-Oct-09 15:59:22

I had no idea that other LAs could ask you to provide work. What do automous educators who may not have examples of work do? I have a friend who is autonomous and they just come and chat for a bit about what her boys have been up to and then leave again.

Our LA man just phones and asks us when we are free, and when he is here my ds has to force him to look at his work (we are very formal). He is never that interrested in looking at ds work or our plans for the next couple of terms and had often upped and left before his coffe has cooled enough to drink. I wish our guy would take more of an interrest.

ommmward Mon 12-Oct-09 16:44:04

They can't legally ask to see work - precisely because not all forms of education involve educational product. Astonishing how many of 'em still ask to see it though...

Many LAs will ask you to provide all sorts of things, virtually none of which you are legally obliged to provide. They rely on people being a bit unsure of their rights, a bit ready to please and a bit easily browbeaten by contact with authority. A letter telling them precisely where to stick their request is a perfectly suitable response (OK, perhaps not in so many words, but conveying the same general message).

FlamingoBingo Wed 14-Oct-09 07:28:33

Ommmmmmward (always put too many 'm's in your name grin) - that is such a fab idea re. the sainsburys bag. I'm going to do that.

ommmward Wed 14-Oct-09 10:03:01

I can't take the credit - someone else on here suggested it

SweetFanny Wed 28-Oct-09 01:14:09

I de-reged my two last July. Got my first letter from LA four months later (Nov) stating they had arranged for someone to come to my house to discuss my "proposal" to home educate. I sent a letter back informing them they could cancel the appointment since I hadn't requested it and they hadn't explained why they needed to discuss my children. I gave them my number so they could phone me and ask me for another appointment and tell me exactly what they were for. I declined to fill in their forms telling them they were irrelevant (who can fit reasons for home educating on a line 8cm long?)I pointed them towards our website which shows quite clearly that I know what they are and aren't entitled to do. And I haven't heard from them since. Not a dicky bird.

Apparently the powers they have aren't enough. Imagine how ineffective my LA would be with yet more powers. Every child matters, my arse!

We have a sort of potted version of the law on our website, simplified from various other sites including Education Otherwise. It's here if you want to take a look. You definitely don't have to show work. Confidence is key.

Legislation is required to change the law. The gov does want to rush things through, but Badman does say the recs are subject to proper training for LAs, and Baroness Morgan has publicly admitted there is no more money in the pot for training. There will be delays. This creeping totalitarianism is starting to make me sick. This Labour gov has created almost 4000 new criminal offences since it came to power. Nothing, it seems, is off limits from its legislative grip. Not even our children.

Sorry, meant to be helpful, but ended up ranting. xo

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