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Foreign language home education

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ceeb Thu 24-Sep-09 20:56:48

Does anyone know of any books/methods/resources used for HE foreign language teaching?

2kidzandi Fri 25-Sep-09 09:17:37

Galore Park do complete course books on spanish, french, german and latin which are aimed at independent/ grammer schools and home educators.
They do a bundle park at a reduced price which is good value as it includes the CD which is quite expensive. You can look at samples beforehand too. They look quite good. They cover other subjects too.

2kidzandi Fri 25-Sep-09 09:25:11

hmm They do a bundle pack blasted keyboard.

AlsoRosetta stone do a Home education language package which looks great but costs a bit too. Wide range of languages to choose from though.

Velvetbee Sat 26-Sep-09 17:40:04

We use the Galore Park french now but started with 'Developing French. Photocopiable Language Activities for Beginners' by Madeline Bender. There are pages of teaching ideas/games etc. and worksheet pages to photocopy on each subject. Mine have really enjoyed them.
Also look for simple childrens books in the language on ebay.

ZZZenAgain Mon 28-Sep-09 10:15:40

we use the Galore Park Latin but started with Minimus.

Which language are you looking at?

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