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Self study for a mature student ?

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nikki1978 Sat 29-Aug-09 23:10:14

Have been told it might be a good idea to post this message here (copied from further ed board):-

Well after my last post it turns out the college where I am going to do my maths alevel is dropping human biology as an evening course - arrrggghhh!

I cannot find any other evening human biology classes nearby and am a bit wary of distance learning after hearing many bad reviews. So I was wondering how hard it would be to complete this A-level by myself (I have two years to get this done and quite a bit of spare time as my kids are at school and p/t nursery). I have looked on the AQA website for exam centres and there are lots near me so hopefully one will let me sit the exams there.

My questions are:

1) Is the recent change in a-levels going to be a problem when it comes to self study?
2) How do you submit coursework if you have no tutor?
3) Where can you get all the information you need (the syllabus, the coursework deadlines etc)?

Thanks in advance!

Yurtgirl123 Tue 01-Sep-09 23:24:12

Bumping this for nikki

puddinmama Fri 04-Sep-09 11:59:41


I did a level human biology with the national extension college and their materials are really well laid out, infact i found it all better than when i was at school as i had in front on everything i needed to complete the whole as/a2, so some weeks i would be ahead and some weeks not, but i knew what i had to do.

study time well i would say maybe 2 hours a day would be plenty if your consistent, i think as adults home study takes alot of discipline so if you can get yourself doing something regular from the start then you should sail through the course.

with the nec i had a tutor and i would post assignments to her, i dont think there is a course where you wouldnt get a tutor if so then i would advise u to go for something like the nec so as you will have a tutor at the end of the phone and best thing u can do is order loads of past papers and just practice them infact i think this is the key really. you get them from AQA itself i think.

hope that helps a bit


Fillyjonk Mon 07-Sep-09 11:31:02

I'd consider the OU. They have a 2nd year (don't be put off) course on Human Biology that gets good reviews.

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