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Companies offering GCSE or Scottish Standard Grade Courses?

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1Jules1 Sun 12-Jul-09 15:10:39

I'm considering letting ds try a GCSE or Standard grade at home (he is unstretched at school and frustrated by this). I've heard of Oxford learning but I think they only do GCSE and the English curriculum. Anyone know of any other companies offering courses?

It's not really possible to do these courses and have a full understanding with just the revision and study books available from high street stores? I just want to see the curriculum and differentiated materials. Are parents allowed access? Do schools have set curriculums or are they all slightly different?

Any ideas or weblinks would be great, thanks

AMumInScotland Sun 12-Jul-09 20:58:26

AFAIK there aren't any companies which do the Scottish qualifications from home. GCSEs are possible, but can be tricky because of the need for marked coursework. The commonest route for HE children who want to do exams is IGCSEs (International GCSEs) which can be done completely by exam so don't need any coursework marked. There are two sets of syllabus - EdExcel and Cambridge, which have slightly different curriculums and lists of available subjects. You can buy the course text books from Amazon, and arrange to sit the exam as a private candidate - but you have to sort that out for yourself, which can take a bit of chasing around to find a centre locally which is doing the right exams and will take on an independent candidate.

Alternatively, if he's not stretched at school, you could look into doing something through an evening class, or learning without pursuing a qualification, which is simpler!

1Jules1 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:29:22

Thanks for that amuminscotland.
Will have a look at IGCSEs but your idea of learning without the qualification is very good one as ds gets stressed easily and it'd be more fun if no pressure of looming exams.

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