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Petition against the Badman Review

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anastaisia Wed 01-Jul-09 11:49:13

I know this has already been posted on threads here, but thought it might be easier to find in its own little topic.

Even if you only disagree with parts of the review and not the whole thing, please do still sign it. Home educators are aware that there will still be a need to work with LAs to find solutions - but they are not prepared to accept that draft legislation is already coming out on this when the consultation doesn't end till October.
They are not prepared to accept that no impact assessment is being done on this as apparently it will not increase LAs workloads so they wont need extra funding, what does that say about the training of inspectors and the quality of the service they will offer?
And they are not prepared to be the only group of parents who need to prove they are NOT abusing or neglecting their children in order to carry on living their normal lives, like everyone else we considered innocent unless we give reason for concern.

anastaisia Wed 01-Jul-09 11:50:20

oops, we should be considered...

Kayteee Wed 01-Jul-09 16:08:13

Have signed smile

siblingrivalry Wed 01-Jul-09 16:37:01

Me, too.

anastaisia Wed 01-Jul-09 18:08:07

one day I'll remember links don't happen on their own here. And I bet the day after that they'll change the forums so they do...

fijibird Wed 01-Jul-09 18:29:12

I have signed

milou2 Wed 01-Jul-09 18:33:58

I signed a little while ago.

annwoo Wed 01-Jul-09 22:49:23

Signed smile

anastaisia Tue 07-Jul-09 11:00:06

Just adding these, in case anyone isn't able to sign the UK petition, or you have people you can forward them to in other countries.

This link is to a global petition about the UK situation.

This link is to a Swedish petition, they are also facing a similar situation as the government are saying that their schools offer such a comprehensive and inclusive education that there is no need for home educating to be a legal option!

onefunkymama Wed 08-Jul-09 21:28:13


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