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sorky Wed 17-Jun-09 12:55:43

Dd1 has a couple of trial days at school to see if she wants to return.
We have been supportive of her choice to do this, despite not wanting her to go back.
If she decides she would like to stay HE, would you say no to any further return requests in the future?
I'm torn between thinking it's her choices/education and she should choose her path after these trials.

What do you think?

milou2 Wed 17-Jun-09 13:41:30

I wouldn't say no, because in our situation ds2 would be asking to go to a secondary school now, so the primary he didn't settle at is not a choice any more.

He did want to go back to his primary. He was adamant it was what he wanted. So I arranged it and so hoped it would be just right for him, different year, same friends as before.

In the end it wasn't right for him. So he is HE again. I was rather cross about all the kit I had had to buy and label for him, but it was so obvious that he was not happy there, and he is more important than a big heap of school equipment.

We came to the conclusion within the first 15 minutes that we had changed after the time of home education and the head had not. It took 2 weeks before I deregistered him though.

Is it a school your daughter has been to before?

sorky Wed 17-Jun-09 13:45:52

She went to Nursery there, it is a nice school, the Head is lovely.
We have absolutely no intention of allowing her to go to State Secondary, that simply is not an option.

Her choices then will be HE or <gulp at the thought of the cost> private school.
<shudders at the thought of sending 4 kids to private school>
The cost of the uniform rankles, oh yes, £80 quid and we only bought half of it!

seeker Wed 17-Jun-09 13:51:04

Can I ask why you are so certain that private is better than state secondary?

sorky Wed 17-Jun-09 13:58:49

she'll go to an all girls' school.

The secondary schools here are rubbish Seeker. Other children in our extended family attend 2 of them and they're unhappy with them.

BUT cross that bridge when we get there

AMumInScotland Wed 17-Jun-09 14:10:22

I think if she doesn't like it, I'd not reconsider school again for maybe a couple of years. But that doesn't mean it can never be considered again - I'm not sure of her age so obviously if she's older that might take you up to secondary age anyway...

But they certainly can't keep popping in and out of the school system, there needs to be some reasonable consistency about what you're doing.

sorky Wed 17-Jun-09 14:45:35

She's 7 Scottie, so going into KS2 in September.
I agree about the dipping in and out.

I think she's about to have a culture-shock tbh grin

AMumInScotland Wed 17-Jun-09 16:56:49

I agree she'll likely find it less fun than she probably imagines, but then you can never tell what they'll like. If she doesn't want to go in September, then I'd "assume" that it's off the agenda for a couple of years at least, unless some fairly major change happens during that time that might bring it back into your minds. It's right that you let her choose her path, but having chosen it she has to then commit to that choice for a reasonable time. I'm all for letting children make real choices in their lives, but if a child keeps changing their mind about something I'd say that means they're not really in a position yet where they're capable of making and sticking to a choice about it, so a parental decision is needed.

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