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Language GCSE - how to organise out of school?

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kidsRTW Sun 31-May-09 19:42:00

Hi, does anyone have any experience in organising kids' GCSE in their second - my first - language? They are currently in school but the school doesn't teach it. They are happy to invigilate / register them etc, though. I am now stuck with the preparation for written part (mainly) and probably finding another speaker for the speaking exam. There don't seem to be any 'real' teachers about for extra private tuition and even though I have home educated in the past I know full well why they are in school now - isn't going to work so much easier...? I am also getting conflicting advice as to when they should go for it. Especially DD1 wants to get it well out of the way before the other exams hit but I am a bit unsure about her being ready. Any comments?

Kayteee Sun 31-May-09 21:56:27

Which language are you asking about?

Kayteee Sun 31-May-09 21:59:31

If you're prepared to take an IGCSE


you may find what you're looking for.
Or have you considered doing an OU course on it?

Sorry if that's not helpful, it's the road we're taking so thought I'd mention it.

kidsRTW Wed 03-Jun-09 22:29:18

thanks, Kayteee, that is a really interesting option, admittedly I hadn't heard of that one - edecel's website is a bit hard to get into without registering, I found. Can you possibly share some of your experiences - regardless of subject- withthat? how much supervised work does it entail etc? the language in question in German and it is the written part that is the issue, especially as DD1 is dyslexic. DD2 is only lazy and DD3 mainly stroppy... which subjects are you doing this way and are you home educating for this?

Kayteee Thu 04-Jun-09 15:41:42

Hi again,

We are only just starting to find out about these ourselves actually so I don't know a great deal about the coursework etc; I will ask my friends who are further down the line with them and get back to you.

My son, 12yrs, is going to take a Maths one next year, hopefully. We are home educating and he hopes to start with one IGCSE when he's 13, then 2 the following year and so on.

kidsRTW Thu 04-Jun-09 19:30:13

Thanks, that would be really helpful. Sometimes I wonder if I should have stuck the home education but I struggled with the 3 different yeargroups and also didn't want to give up my job. But I now see the advantages it would have brought for this. On the other hand I now only have to nag them about the normal mum - stuff rather than work as well. Guess I can't have everything.....

Mung Fri 12-Jun-09 21:11:20

There are teacher guidance notes for the written exams and the languages teachers at the school should be able to talk to you about what is required for the exam itself, as they will teach the same stuff but in another language. Once the school registered your children they would receive copies of all the teaching specifications and should pass them on to you. They are also on the websites.

Why not ask the school which board they follow and then check out their German GCSE and see what you think? I am pretty sure you could go through what they need to pass the exam. If their other skills are really good then the writing shouldn't bring them down too much.

kidsRTW Sun 14-Jun-09 21:17:39

the school mainly use AQA and I guess at the moment that what you outline is the most sensible option. I just got confused about the coursework marking and 'controlled assessments' etc which are a bit daunting if there is no one 'official' to mark them. any experiences?

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