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IXL for Maths: is it good?

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quinne Fri 15-May-09 17:43:40

I've recently started using IXL for teaching maths to my five year old and six year old. It's american so money etc is not applicable but otherwise I'm finding it helpful so far, especially as it has rewards for effort and achievement at various points in time.

Has anyone else used it? What did you think of it? Do you know how it compares to what they would be learning in school in Britain?

Yurtgirl Fri 15-May-09 18:00:13

I have never heard of ixl - where did you can it from?
If you can do a link to it that would be helpful. I know what and how kids learn maths at school in the uk. I was wondering about miquon maths and asking the same question!

flamingobingo Fri 15-May-09 18:08:41

Yes, can you do a link? We do autonomous learning and occassionally the children ask to do workbooks or such like so I'm always on the look out for potential activities! Although they seem to be ahead of their schooled peers just by living! smile

quinne Fri 15-May-09 18:36:12 I found it on a google link at the side of facebook (where my friends were talking about education for heir children).

quinne Fri 15-May-09 18:37:39

I mean I originally found it on....

So far its been great. It doesn't teach them per se I still have to explain but it seeds it all up and I can use it as a basis for what I am explaining.

mumtoo3 Fri 15-May-09 22:50:20

are you a member or do you use the freebie bit?


quinne Fri 15-May-09 22:58:11

I used the freebie bit for a while and then joined up about three weeks ago. The subscription part keeps a log of how many hours your child has been using the website and how they have done - what they know now, what they need to improve, average question time taken by topic etc plus the ones they got wrong. The best bit is the gold medals and the "stickers". My sons are really keen to see themselves win these and often I can persuade them to just do another 20 mins or complete another section to win another one.

Jennifer007 Fri 24-Oct-14 00:52:41

IXL provides free trial but you have to pay membership fee to be enrolled in its math and reading program. I remember the price for it is a little bit high, $79/yr. I would actually recommend Beestar for you. My students seem to like it much better because it has more resources accessible. Beestar has a free math program that you can check it out to see if you like the questions.

Linseed Fri 24-Oct-14 13:43:19

My ds 12 has been using it as a member for 2-3 months and it's simplicity and repetition suits him very well. The questions are short and easy to read on a plain background and he does seem to be learning well with it. I just let him follow what he wants to, no curriculum, no pressure.

Jennifer007 Fri 24-Oct-14 20:27:33

I just want to add that the math program on Beestar is always fee, meaning you can take the exercise as long as you want! The other resources available on Beestar are like language arts, social studies, and science.

SugarPlump Mon 27-Oct-14 23:45:28

Can I just say that you can change country of cirriculum on IXL, to get the American, European, British Australian Canadian or irish cirriculum's by year group. Top if the page next to the search box there's a little flag if you click it you can change countries.

I've only briefly used it as extra support for my niece, stayed in the uk for an extended period from Ireland so was useful having both curriculums you do that the price is in pounds not dollars and you can get a monthly membership.

SugarPlump Mon 27-Oct-14 23:49:52

Just realised this is a bit of a zombie thread got an agenda jenifer007?

Trying to make IXL look expensive and two different posts promoting bee star? Humm tempted to report for stelth advertising

Jennifer007 Mon 24-Nov-14 06:19:18

Beestar has a reward system. I am sharing to earn points for one of my students. But it's a good one indeed.

Ninnypoo74 Mon 13-Feb-17 16:51:14

My son is in a 5th grade 6th grade combo class it's for advanced students, he's been on honor role since 2nd grade. He is now failing math because IXL is not showing he has done the work. I've even shown proof that he has done the work took a screen shot of the completed work, when you go to the listed activities it will show its not done. My daughter in 3rd grade also a straight A student says that sometime it will mark a correct answer as being correct. I seriously doubt this is only happening to my kids. Teachers aren't listening to their students about these complaints. I had to email teacher about this and even with pictures of the screen showing the work being complete. I had to start printing out the finished page and send it with him to school. The teacher is still doing nothing about it.

loopygoose06 Thu 09-Mar-17 10:43:49

Both my girls disliked IXL. Mathswhizz is far better.

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