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Heroes centre in Berks

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abitpearshaped Tue 12-May-09 18:30:23

I've seen this place on the EO local info. Anyone know what it's like?

Marjoriew Fri 15-May-09 08:37:46

I've heard great things about Heroes and I live in on the bus route there, but it's too expensive for my pension!

oliverboliverbutt Fri 15-May-09 11:53:40

I went on an open day once and enjoyed it, lovely surroundings, but I think only those that lived nearby would truly benefit. It seems there are lots of regulars going.

mummyrex Sat 06-Jun-09 16:58:16

We wnt quite a few times and wished we could have gone more often. They put on lots of different activities so you can dip in and out according to your needs and interests

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