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Anyone home ed in Ashford, kent area?

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emmawil37 Mon 09-Mar-09 19:15:17

Hi looking for anyone in Ashford, east kent area who home eds, any groups that meet up?

Kayteee Mon 09-Mar-09 19:27:19

Hi Emma,
Did you see the link from Runnerbean on your earlier thread? There's a lovely lot of families near you. (Including me) grin

emmawil37 Mon 09-Mar-09 19:30:33

Yes I did have been on the sites. I saw that was a group that meets in Tunbrdige Wells which I would be willing to travel to but it is overan hours drive away and I think there is another group in Medway which again is a bit of a way away I was just wondering if there was a group in Ashford, Maidstone, Centerbury, Folkestone areas they would be a lot easier for me to travel to.

emmawil37 Mon 09-Mar-09 19:32:26

I have joined Education otherwise, and I was on the yahoo site but I'm really rubbish at computers and don't get the Yahoo groups sites!!!!

julienoshoes Mon 09-Mar-09 19:58:02

The yahoo group sites are email support lists, set up so anyone who is a member can send a message to the group and everyone gets the message into their inbox. You can then read the messages/delete them if not interested/reply if you want to/ ask questions.

If you have joined EO you will get a National contact list of members who are happy to be contacted by other people.

I have just spoken to one of the organisers of the Kent group via MSN and she says if you contact her by sending a message to she can give you the information you need.


julienoshoes Mon 09-Mar-09 20:11:35

Even better
The home educator I know in Kent is a EO media spokesperson too and she has given permission for me to give you a number for you to ring to speak to her directly if you would like to.

08445 868839 Ask for Ann.

She is the lady I mentioned before on the other thread, who home educates young children and understands about dyslexia etc.

emmawil37 Mon 09-Mar-09 21:04:30

Oh you are wonderful thank you so much I will get on the phone tomorrow.

Thank you so much.

Skipsmum Sat 28-Mar-09 10:32:19

hi, just noticed this. There are at least two groups in Ashford, if you email me I'll give you all the details.

emmawil37 Wed 29-Apr-09 13:42:41

Hi Skipsmum,

Tried to email you but haven't had a reply, if your're anything like me emails get lost in the junk emails. Would like to get incontact, my email is

Thannk xx

shellystearooms Tue 14-Jun-11 17:51:54

Hello, to all those in the Ashford/Canterbury areas we are a Tea Rooms situated in Chilham Square and we wanted to offer any members looking to meet up the use of our upstairs function room, this can comfortably seat 20 people and there is of course no charge for using it, and best of all whilst here why not treat yourself to the best Cream Tea in Kent, please email to book this

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