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How do you enter HE kids for exams?

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skramble Wed 25-Feb-09 22:19:39

DS will does attend school, but I am considering letting him study for one particular subject at home ahead of his other standard grades. He is well ahead of his class and I think studying this for two years at school will bore him stupid. It would also free him up to do the other subjects he wants to do and needs for his possible career choices.

I think he will manage it no problem at home, we had a look at past papers and he could nearly manage it all already. I did well at Higher level in the subject so I can help him a bit, although the course is a bit different now.

So how would we enter him for the exams, do state schools allow you to enter you into their exams, or do I have to find some sort of HE exam centre?

chatterbocs Wed 25-Feb-09 22:43:18

You can sit them as a private candidate, you obviously need to find a centre that's willing to take him. There are exams called IGCSE's, these are internationally recognised & the good thing about the exams is that they don't require coursework. A lot of private schools use these.
I've been looking for centres myself so if you find out how to find 'em please let me know.

skramble Wed 25-Feb-09 22:50:56

IGCSEs ??? I will investigate them. I am in Scotland so we don't do GCSEs.

When you say a centre willing to take them do you mean a school?

skramble Wed 25-Feb-09 23:00:09

[hhm] they don't appear to have Graphic Design.

skramble Wed 25-Feb-09 23:03:39

Next parents night I am going to suggest this to his teacher and see what his thoughts are. At the moment he is sitting up the back of the class using a computer design programme while the rest of the class do course work he has already completed. So he is just mucking about creating his own drawings and diagrams, no tasks set as far as I can make out just being left to do his own thing, he thinks this is great just now but I think it will wear a bit thin after a year or so.

He is only in first year.

ShrinkingViolet Wed 25-Feb-09 23:12:05

start with the school - is it somethign they offer at Standard grade (is it Standard grade still in Scotland?). Can they timeable somethign for him? If not, is there coursework? If so, you'll find it very hard to do the exam outwith school, as someone needs to verify the coursework. There's not actually an awful lot of exams available to non school students until they're older and can do OU/college stuff because of the coursework issues. Graphic Design sounds like the sort of thing whcih is practically impossible to do outwith a regular class, sorry.
I'd see what the school can offer instead/as well as - do you have G&T in Scotland? If so, that might be an angle?

skramble Wed 25-Feb-09 23:25:18

I think there will be a certain amount of course work counted for marks, when I did it, it was called Technical Drawing and it was all done in the exam.

It just seems such a shame that the way the 3rd/ 4th year timetable is set up he can only do two out of Graphic design, Computing and Art and Design. He loves all three and is doing well in them all, for the types of careers he is thinking about, it seems he would benifit from doing all three, but of course he is not totally decided on rwhat he wants to do.

I thought Graphic design was the best out of the three do study at home as he is already way ahead of the rest of the class and it is the one I could help him the most at as I did quite well in it, well Technical drawing anyway.

I am hoping his teacher will see what I am meaning and would be willing to help. How this would actually fir in with the time table I don't know as it would clash with other classes.

Gin and Tonic is certainly well know in Scotland grin, but as for G&T I don't know.

chatterbocs Thu 26-Feb-09 08:47:54

You can see some of the courses available here & download past paper etc.

chatterbocs Thu 26-Feb-09 08:49:56

P.S you'd have to find a centre, some private schools take candiates i think. I think there are 11 centes around the UK

skramble Thu 26-Feb-09 09:04:10

Nope there doesn't seem to be a IGCSE in Graphic Design or Technical Drawing.

I the best way will be through his school, hopefully he can do it in conjucntion with the school, not inspite of the school.

If he did it next year (2nd year) he will still be getting Graphic design classes anyway, so he can work towards the Standard grade rather than just playing with computer programmes at the back of the class. Means if there is any course work it can be verified.

All sounds good in theory, I will just have to wait until I see his teacher and see if they will support this idea.

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Feb-09 09:04:34

My DS is currently studying for EdExcel iGCSEs and is going to sit them in a private school in Edinburgh so I don't think there would be much problem getting an exam centre. But iGCSEs are usually done completely by exam with no marked coursework, which can limit what subjects are available.

DS is studying through an internet school, so they found out about exam centres for us, but I think if you contacted EdExcel or Cambridge directly they would be able to give you info on ones near you.

You could also look into evening courses locally - they tend to be aimed at adults, but he might be able to get on one

skramble Thu 26-Feb-09 09:07:56

I looked at local colleges and can't see graphic design anywhere.

skramble Thu 26-Feb-09 09:11:24

I just don't his school don't think I am a pushy parent. I never have been, but I jst think it would be a waste to miss doing another subject when he could do Graphic design in his sleep grin.

The school is not one of the most academic in the area, there is a lot of focus on sports and vocational training, they are not exactly known for there debating team or science clubs, most of the boys seem to be aiming for trades or farm work, girls its all hairdressing and beauty therapy.

AMumInScotland Thu 26-Feb-09 09:34:04

I've just had a look and EdExcel do an iGCSE in Art & Design, with a choice of Graphic Design. It's awarded on the basis of a single practical exam. Link here. Obviously you'd have to look through what it involves, and see whether it's something you could do with him at home, plus find out about exam centres - as I said, DS is doing them in a private school, but they may not cover all the subjects so you'd want to be sure about that before going too far with it.

SugarBird Thu 26-Feb-09 12:24:56

Hi. DS2 has taken a couple of IGCSEs (maths and biology) and is taking English and physics this summer. He sits them at a private centre in London but there seem to be places around the country where you can do them. This may help.

Yes, the IGCSE subjects available are fairly limited atm - don't know whether they are planning to add more in the future...

skramble Thu 26-Feb-09 23:35:22

Sorry confusing things, its Graphic Communications I am talking about. DS put me right grin.

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