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Help me decide about Home Edding my 9 year old with AS

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streakybacon Wed 08-Oct-08 11:36:32

Mainstream school isn't working out for my AS boy, for various reasons (too long to go into here). I'm seriously considering HE as the way forward.

Dh would be dead against it. He still hasn't come to terms with ds not being the boy he thought he had, still thinks he's 'normal' and should do all the 'normal' things boys do. I think he's suffered enough in school and think HE is a very sensible option.

Could you tell me what you think have been the downsides of HEing your children? Anything you'd have done differently? Any way you feel your children may have been disadvantaged by not going to school? Anything you can tell me would help.

I can think of dozens of positives though, but don't want to be naive.


stressa Wed 08-Oct-08 16:16:35

Hi - I have homeedded ds 1(10) aspergers since year 1 and ds2 (8) HFA, tourettes, dyslexia, SID since halfway through reception. Took them out to help with social interaction and the "personalised learning" really seems to help too.

Sorry - I can't give you any downsides! (though we are gearing up towards GCSE's which may prove interesting....)

What I think really important is that HE kids get to mix with a variety of kids - not solely other HE kids. You can do this with scouts, St Johns ambulance, music or sports groups and hanging out with schooled kids who live locally as well as the HE groups. Its taken time but now we have 2 relaxed, happy sociable boys.

As for DH's concerns, why don't you discuss trying it for one year initially? We reassess yearly as the kids needs change with time.

Good luck whatever your decision!

julienoshoes Wed 08-Oct-08 19:41:55

There is an excellent website for families who home educate children with SEN. There is a brilliant email support list where some of the real experts on home educating children with SEN, hang out-parents who are actually doing it! There you will find support, information and guidance, I can't recommend it highly enough.

Many children with ASD are home educated-it seems these children are often round pegs in square holes in school-they simply don't fit and it can be very miserable for them. Home based education instead can be tailored to fit there needs very well.
There is also a book you may be interested in:

'Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children: Paths are made by walking.' Edited by Terri Dowty

Mainstream educational provision for children on the autistic spectrum can be inadequate or inappropriate. An increasing number of parents dissatisfied with the education system are looking elsewhere for an approach that will suit their children's needs. In "Home Educating Our Autistic Spectrum Children", parents who have chosen to home educate their children with autism or Asperger's syndrome candidly relate their experiences: how they reached the decision to educate at home, how they set about the task, and how it has affected their lives. Following these personal accounts, the final chapters offer practical advice on getting started with home education, legal advice from an expert in education law, and contact details of support organisations

There are other books on home education in a thread with the same title and one about websites on HE. Both would be useful I feel.
I'll bump them for you now.

julienoshoes Wed 08-Oct-08 19:46:20

Forgot to answer your other questions.
Our children were deregistered from school nearly eight years ago.
The only disadvantage for us, is the drop in income, as I now very work part time around the HE. However that has been more than made up by all of the benefits of home educating.
There is nothing I would have done differently-except I wish I had known about it sooner and I would never have sent them to school!

streakybacon Thu 09-Oct-08 06:38:57

Thanks, these are excellent replies and just what I was looking for. I talked to a friend about it yesterday and she was very excited for us, knows our situation well and felt it would be exactly right for ds and the whole family would benefit as a result.

Will definitely get that book julienoshoes, and read other threads.

Glad you've had such positive experiences of HEing.

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