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interflora Tue 07-Oct-08 15:44:55

Does anyone on here happen to know the rules with regard to flexi-schooling please?

Do parents have Legal right to send their children to school on a 'flexi-schooling' basis rather than de-registering them?

And if so, is there such a thing as a minimum time they need to be at school per week etc.?


AMumInScotland Tue 07-Oct-08 15:49:33

I don't know much detail, but you certainly don't have any right to flexi-schooling - it is always an agreement between the head teacher and the parent, but it's entirely up to the school whether they let you do it or not.

I think there are complications about how the school are funded, and how they have to fill in the child's attendance sheet to make sure it doesn't impact on their stats.

musicposy Tue 07-Oct-08 18:25:12

You don't have any rights to it, you have to persuade the head. We tried and failed dismally. I also know of another lady flexischooling her child, but it transpires she got it on medical grounds because the child was quite ill last year. Now she is much better the school are saying, you come full time or not at all

For us, it worked well, because it pushed us into home education which was a great decision. But we were quite despondant at our lack of success at the time.

SugarBird Tue 07-Oct-08 19:34:26

Hi. As well as not having the right to choose flexi-schooling, most schools aren't keen (although I do know of a school round my way that - reluctantly - agreed to do it).

Also, if a child is flexi-schooling, they then have to follow the National Curriculum (if they're in a state school) as this is obligatory for registered state school pupils.

I don't think there's a minimum time they have to spend in school, though.

We asked our local secondary school about flexi-schooling when DS2 (home educated) reached secondary school age but they said no - they were horrified at the very idea grin - so we've been happily home educating through the secondary school years as well.

julienoshoes Wed 08-Oct-08 07:47:51

There is a page about Flexi schooling on the UK-HE website

It lists the possible advantages and disadvantages.


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