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Anyone Home ed in or near Wimbledon?

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thehouseofmirth Thu 25-Sep-08 21:47:09

Am thinking about this forf DS who is 3 but I know I'll need the support/encouragement of others and wondered if anyone in my area is or is planning to home ed?

lilyfire Thu 25-Sep-08 22:04:32

I live in Southfields and have been officially HE'ing my 5yo for 3 weeks - although we started going to groups and making contacts some months ago. I also have a 2yo and 6mo. Initially I found it hard to find other HE'ers/groups in the area, but there are others around and it seems to be getting increasingly active locally. We have been going to 3 groups a week at the moment - 2 about 10 mins drive away and one about 30 mins away. There are others we could go to as well, but a bit further away - although there's a move to arrange one in North Surrey. I joined Education Otherwise and emailed local members and got some useful advice. We also met up with people through this and the local yahoo group. It's all still v new to me and I go through stages when get all worried (especiallly as where we are is a fairly 'conventional' area). If you'd like details of some of the groups you could join, or anything else do let me know. You'd prob find it helpful to meet some other HE'ers before you make the decision. I found it really helped to be able to speak to people who were actually doing it.

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